miguelcm design & illustration



— Miguel Camacho is a designer and illustrator of the Earth, drawing things from sunny Andalucia, Spain. He's specialized in flat illustration and branding. He had worked for clients from around the world. The 'miguelcm style' constantly evolving, is colorful and cheerful.
— Miguel is highly addicted to milk and cookies, and a fierce fanatic of Sevilla FC and María. Father of Mía❤.


Condé Nast
Forbes Magazine
GQ Magazine
Atlis Labs



'I found Miguel on Dribbble after seeing some of his amazing work. He did a great job of the flat-style illustration I asked for, and I'll highly recommend his work' — Yazin Alirhayim, Dubai, UAE

'What a delight to work with. We needed an illustrator who could mimic a style we had already created and Miguel was able to do that with such ease. Such a pleasure, I hope I get an opportunity to work with him again!' — Samia Saleem, Los Angeles, US

'Miguel's style is clean, fresh, and fun. His designs offer a refreshing take on what you would expect to see in an illustration. I LOVE seeing new pieces of his work pop up online!' — Laura Pavlo, New York, US

'I can't help it, the 'miguelcm style' is mind blowing :)'  — Eleni Gkizi, Thessaloniki, Greece